Rabalder Bar is the bar where you step directly into Grandma's living room. Here you will find room for an ice-cold Pilsner or cocktail with foam on top and a sprinkle of love.

It is a bar that creates the framework for the homely coziness, where the guest will start their visit off with a round of cards or afternoon Cocktail from the ‘home bar’.

The bar is small and intimate, where you as a guest are greeted with familiar music and where the prices are super good.

Rabalder Bar is a cozy bodega with an old decor, and where the beer meets the Cocktail, where Yvonne meets Kim, and where we ask ourselves - Can anything be TOO cozy?

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Rabalder Bar,Søndergade 9, 9900 Frederikshavn, +45 60 92 64 64, frederikshavn@rabalderbar.dk, www.rabalderbar.dk/frederikshavn