Megasurf - West Coast rafting experience - Løkken

Experience the team spirit of the megaSUP in rushing waves along the coast at Løkken


Together with our experienced instructors, you and your family or friends will be introduced to handling the megaSUP on land and in water. We adapt the experience to water and weather conditions as well as the group's level.


The trip goes beyond the frothy waves of the surf, as if it were a rafting trip in Austria. This is closer to 'West Coast rafting'. The MegaSUP is for trips for groups and families looking for an action and adventure experience on the water.


Megasurf with one of our instructors makes the experience safe and successful.

What is included in the price:

MegaSUP, life jacket, paddle, helmet, instructor, neoprene suit

Simply choose your size when ordering the ticket.


Distance: 1 km

Number of min / max: 5-8 people

Instructors: 1 instructor

Start / end: Løkken (Outnature office)

Level: For everyone (you must be able to swim)


You bring:

Swimwear, towel


We bring:




There are daily buses to Løkken from Hjørring / Aalborg



You are welcome to bring your own food / drink as needed.


Your expenses:

Ticket price 375, - per person

Reservations are made for weather changes where the program can be changed.

Questions about the trip can be asked on tel. +45 20 60 70 71

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